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The Times are a Changing

Hello Guys!

Today I completed something I was doing to change the "heart" of this blog. When we created this space, it was a place for five writers that were going to start a fantastic adventure in their lives. The fantastic time is over, the boys returned to home and ,specially, like the master Dylan says, "The Times are a Changing".

If you are not understanding nothing about I'm saying, go to the first post of this blog and it'll be more clear. Maybe this is the last post which the link of the blog is "queturrrma.blogspot.com", but all messages posted will remain here.

The new name will be The World by Fon and the new link https://www.theworldbyfon.blogspot.com .

I'm starting a long path and I will try to keep showing the world like I see. Some trips are being prepared , and new places and fantastic experiences certainly will be exposed here.

One more time, sorry about the English, I'm trying!

I hope you enjoy!

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