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Fortaleza, Brazil

Hello guys! I decided to do something different in this post today. It's the first time I try to write in English, but as the saying goes, better late than never. I'm writing in English,basically,  becauseI think it's really necessary to expose this content to all over the world.

 It's a very special post, from a very special place. Sorry about the mistakes, but I'm a student of engeneering, so I can't write very good, and my mother language is Portuguese! Leaving the balony, with all pleasure, I"ll show you a little piece of our Brazil!

After landing at Fortaleza's Airport, when we were getting out the airplane, my dad said: "Ohh! That's a wonderful day! It's Hot, we have sun and A blue sky! I hope IT keeps like this!" - "It'll keep! I lived here for fourty years, and it never rains." - Said the commander who was listening our chat -  Seems incredible! I don't know if he was lying about the fourty years, or about the rain, because three hours later the weather became storm! 

But for a tourist, even if it's raining, always exist things to do in Fortaleza. The first one, of course, is to eat the typical food. Unless you don't like seafood, take for granted this is a perfect place to pig out with lobsters, shrimp and fish. It's cheaper than other parts of Brazil and the quality, almost ever, is better.

Pinha, Serigoela, Cajá..
Even being Brazilian, I didn't know some of that regional fruits. They had funny names like Caja, Serigoela and Pinha, but the best of all, one of the symbols of Brazil, is the Coconut!

The historic center of Fortaleza is stuffed of art and culture. The old buildings are all conserved or repaired and for who doesn't have much time in the city, basically needs to visit at least three points, otherwise may be considered a knucklehead. Those are: "Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura"; the cathedral and the the big municipal market.

Start going to the art center to see the museums; then go to the cathedral after that, go to the market to see (and buy) all that fruits I saif before, and a lot of gadgets, handicraf, souveniers, typical foods, typical drinks and so on. After this, go back to to see the colored lights of the cathedral at night and listen the music presentations at the art center. It's gonna take just an evening, and I'm sure it'll be a pleasure!

Ok! I spoke, spoke,  but I, didn't show the best part of the Ceara's coast. Do you know what is "Jericoacoara"? Or  "Cumbuco"? Maybe "Sabiaguaba"? No? But if i say "Canoa Quebrada Beach"I , ok, give up!!! All of these are beachs from Ceará.

The famost one is Canoa Quebrada Beach. It's about 165 kilometers away from Fortaleza, two hours by car. There you’re going to see a natural phenomenon that happen in just a few beaches of Brazil: The "Falésias" have the perfect wind condition to practice paragliding.

The best place at night in Canoa, is the Brodway Street. Yeah! They have a Brodway to! It's a charming street, full of little handicraft's stores and typical pubs. Tourists from world wide go there.

Cumbuco Beach, is a good place for radical sports. By the good winds, the WindSurf and the KiteSurf are very popular there. And by the dunes, they have the brazilian adaptation of snowboard: The SandBoard!

The Buggies and the crazy drivers..
The best thing to do in Cumbuco, is to take a Buggie Tour. Sitting in the car's rear, you'll feel your heart getting out of your mouth when you almost "drift" all that dunes with that crazy drivers. If you like rollercoasters you should make this!

Certainly the best part of my trip, was the Beach Park. Just 30 minutes away from Fortaleza, It's a waterpark with a lot of attractions. One day there is not enough. So, make the right choice, choose the big one: The INSANO! 
As far as I know, this is the biggest waterslide on the world. From 41 meters, on the top of a tower, you start an almost vertical track that takes you in a velocity of 105km/h. See what I mean? It isn't a piece of cake! You really need to have the guts!

Whenever you want, you can do fantastic things at Fortaleza. Just rent skates and feel the wind in your face, at Beira-Mar Street, it's sensational. After this, go to the traditional street market, it’ll be another pleasure.

If it's your first time in my blog, I hope made a good impression and if you are following, thanks a lot one more time! Come back for the next posts!

See you! 

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